The “Paramythoparea” and the “Paramythodromio” at the Archaeological Museum of Messenia

The 38th (LH) Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities and the entrepreneurial workshop of culture MATAROA have organized successfully three educational actions for kindergarten and primary school children in the Archaeological Museum of Messenia. During the three Saturday afternoon and specifically on March 29, April 12 and May 3, 2014 the Museum was full of kids and their parents.
On March 29, the performance “Irene of Aristophanes” was presented by the students of “ORIZON” (Vocational Training Institute), based on the book of Philip Mandilaras (Papadopoulos publications).
On April 12, the performance "The Adventures of Odysseas" was presented by the theatrical group SYN1 Michael Toumpouros.
Finally, on May 3, the performance " Aesop's Comics " was presented by the theatrical group “Mikros Notos”.

During the educational actions our little friends participated pleasantly and creatively in group games.

At the same time, the parents of the children were introduced in the museum’s world by the Museum's archaeologists.

All of the above took place with the support of the Association of three children parents of Messenia, of the private schools of Bouga and of the Papassotiriou bookstores.

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