October 16, 2012

in memory of Dimitris…

«Καί ταύτ' επ' αργύρω γε τήν ψυχήν προδούς!»

The history of the coin…

The 38th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities participated in the celebration for the European Heritage Days and the International day for the Elderly.

In collaboration with the University of Peloponnese , the Military Museum of Kalamata and the 2nd Open Care Center for the elderly of Kalamata co-organized an educational programme for the elderly that took place both at the Military Museum of Kalamata and the Archaeological Museum of Messenia.

Through this programme the participants ‘traveled’ in the history of the coin. They learned about the changes of the monetary system and the different use of the coins in different places during different times.

The educational programme was specially designed by the students of the University of Peloponnese, under the supervision of Dr. Maria Kouri. The all project was carried out as a part of their lesson “Development of new Products & Services” which was funded by the Operational Program 2007-2013 “Education and Training – lifelong learning programme”.

  • 1.Department of History and Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Management
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