2 June 2012

Two new educational programmes at the Archaeological Museum of Messenia:

‘The Return of the King’ and “Traveling through the History of the Coin’.

The programmes were designed by the students of the University of Peloponnese, Department of History and Archaeology and Cultural Management and were held in collaboration with the 38th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities.

The outline of the educational programmes

Their aim is to entertain children and adults making historical knowledge a living experience!

The Return of the King

The king Nestor himself presents the history of the kingdom of Pylos through entertaining activities. Several aspects of the everyday life during the Mycenaean period are presented.

A creative workshop for children is being held where they can make their own Mycenaean armory and or jewelry! For a while they do feel ‘like kings’ as they can be photographed as the King Nestor!

‘Traveling through the History of the Coin’

This up to date programme examines the changes in the use of the coin through time. How did the coin developed? How many different shapes it changed?

The participants are encouraged to discover the history of the coin through modern technology audio-visual media, museum’s exhibits and entertaining workshops.

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