Trifylia Province

The center of the homeric kingdom of Nestor. Read more »

Messene Province

The fertile hinterland of Messenia and the capital of the Messenian state. Read more »

Pylia Province

Tholos tombs and great castles in a unique landscape. Read more »

Kalamata Province

Antiquity and Byzantium in the shadow of Mount Tayghetos.

Head from a statuette of Athena. 
Stoupa (ancient Lefktron)
4th c. B.C.

The antiquities from Thalames, Lefktro or Kardamyli mostly come from small rescue excavations or random collections, while the bronze votive offerings from the Sanctuary of Artemis Limnatis at Volymnos in Artemisia which were entrusted to the Ephorate by antiquity lovers who collected them are very important and representative. Votive plaque from inside the tomb featuring relief depiction of funerary banquet. Related to rituals of ancestor or hero worship. 
Antheia. Tholos tomb.
4th c. B.C.

The few exhibits from the Messenian Mani, Kastania, Langada, Thalames, Nomitsi, contrast with the great number of Byzantine churches in the mentioned settlements and in many others of the area.

Not many antiquities come from the Kalamata area, where the ancient Fares are located. On the other hand an extremely interesting unit is that of Akovitika, where excavations brought to light the archaic and classical sanctuary of Poseidon and the imposing remains of the two Proto-Helladic megarons.

The Byzantine and Frankish past of Kalamata is represented by exhibits found in the churches and the Castle of the city.

Gold jewelry with floral motifs. 
Antheia. Ellinika. Chamber tombs.
14th – 13th c. B.C.

The northern area of the province is devoted to ancient Thouria, the early capital city of Messenia, before the ancient Messene was founded. Besides the majestic walls and the remains of public buildings dating from the classical times, the excavations brought to light two impressive Middle-Helladic burial tumuli at Kastroulia, an extensive burial site with Mycenaean chamber tombs at Ellinika and a royal Mycenaean tholos tomb an Antheia with a wealth of rare and valuable antiquities, many of which are on display in the room.

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